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Meaning of Life -The Catholic Answer by Archbishop Alban Goodier, S.J.

A guide to help you bid farewell to worldly concerns and live a true life of the Spirit

No matter how good your intentions are, you can easily get so caught up in the things of this world that you forget God. But according to the insightful Jesuit priest Fr. Alban Goodier, the worldly man "knows in his heart, without a doubt, that he is a traitor to his human nature." With his book The Meaning of Life, you can finally make the searching examination of your own life that you must make if you want to stay on the path to Jesus Christ.

Fr. Goodier helps you hear the voice of your own inner self, which he maintains will speak the truth to you about your life, your priorities, and your relationship with God. more...

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Saints for Sinners by Archbishop Alban Goodier, S.J.

These pages remind us that God's grace can conquer every human flaw...

Christ came not to call saints but to make them - often out of weak, stupid, and sinful men. That's why the saints are not only models of holiness for us to imitate; they're reminders that God's grace can outshine every human flaw.

As Alban Goodier's classic Saints for Sinners shows us, even the greatest saints had to battle the same stubborn vices, temptations of the flesh, and bouts of spiritual dryness that afflict you and me today. more...

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